On improved projection techniques to support visual exploration of multi-dimensional data sets.

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Minghim, Rosane
Nonato, Luis Gustavo
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Projection (or dimensionality reduction) techniques have been used as a means to handling the growing dimensionality of data sets as well as providing a way to visualize information coded into point relationships. Their role is essential in data interpretation and simultaneous use of different projections and their visualizations improve data understandingand increase the level of confidence in the result. For that purpose projections should be fast to allow multiple views of the same data set. In this work we present a novel fast technique for projecting multi-dimensional data sets into bidimensional (2D) spaces that preserves neighborhood relationships. Additionally, a new technique for improving 2D projections from multi-dimensiona] data is presented, that helps reduce the inherent loss of information yielded by dimensionality reduction. The results are stimulating and are presented in the form of comparative visualizations against known and new 2D projection techniques. Based on the projection improvement approach presented here, a new metric for quality of projection is also given, that matches well the visual perception of quality. We discuss the implication of using improved projections in visual exploration of large data sets and the role of interaction in visualization of projected subspaces.

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