An investigation on quality attributes of Systems-of-Systems.

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System-of-Systems (SoS) have been considered the new trend of software systems for several reasons, such as the advancement of computer technology and the increasing complexity and size of the systems. The concept of SoS has the central idea of a set of operationally independent software systems that collaborate together to compose a larger and more complex system. For SoS, several quality attributes are critical due to its characteristics and domain constraints. However, the existent quality models were not conceived to address SoS. Therefore, the identification of quality models that can address the quality attributes for SoS needs to be investigated. So, the purpose of this work is to identify the most common quality attributes in SoS context and analyze their coverage by the well established ISO/IEC 25010 quality model. As a result, we have identified that the current quality models cannot adequately address the SoS quality attributes due its dynamic nature. Moreover, a first analysis about the ISO/IEC 25010 coverage shows that 48% of the quality attributes commonly considered in SoS are not addressed.

Engenharia de software, Sistemas da informação