Creating interactive document maps through dimensionality reduction and visualization techniques.

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Lopes, Alneu de Andrade
Minghim, Rosane
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The current availability of information many times impair the tasks of searching, browsing and analysing information pertinent to a topic of interest. This paper presents a methodology to create a meaningful graphical representation of corpora of documents targeted at supporting exploration of correlated information. The purpose of such an approach is to produce a map from a document body on a research topic or field based on the analysis of their contents, and similarities amongst articles. The document map is generated, after text pre-processing, by projecting the data in two dimensions using Latent Semantic Indexing. The projection is followed by hierarchical clustering to support sub-area identification. The map can be interactively explored, helping to narrow down the search for relevant articles. Tests were performed using a collection of documents pre-classified in three research subject classes: Case Based Reasoning, Information Retrieval, and Inductive Logic Programming, the map produced was capable of separating the main areas and approaching documents by their similarity, revealing possible topics, and identifying boundaries between them. The tool can deal with the exploration of inter-topics and intra-topic relationship and is useful in many contexts that need deciding on relevant articles to read, such as scientific research education, and training.

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