A systematic review on service-oriented robotic systems development.

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The robotics is emerging as one of the most prominent research areas for next years. Robots have been supporting from simple domestic tasks to complex and dangerous activities, such as surgeries on human beings and underwater exploration. However, there are great challenges for robots to be developed in a more mature fashion. To face these challenges, researchers have investigated the use of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) aiming at providing better integration, flexibility and scalability to robotic systems. SOA is a architectural style which has been sucessfully applied in different domains. Many studies have reported researches involving the use of SOA during robotic systems development. Nevertheless, there are no studies providing an updated, broad and fair overview about the development of those systems. This report aims at presenting a detailed and analytical view about the systems, implementation technologies and software engineering guidelines developed for robots based on SOA. For this, we conducted a systematic review, which is a technique coming from Evidence-Based Software Engineering. As the main results, we observed a recent increase in the number of works reporting systems, technologies and development environments for SOA-based robots. Furthermore, we identified interesting and important perspectives for future research.

Engenharia de software, Sistemas da informação